We thus come to think that there is in the beginning of the world a something which is real and concrete, such as a world of galaxies which though formless and nebulous is yet real and tangible.

This is the foundation of the universe on which we now have all kinds of things, infinitely formed and varied.

It is thus that time itself begins to be thought of as something concrete and real.

A circle turns into a triangle, and then into a square, and finally into infinitely varied and varying figures.

This 24×24 inch piece is part of triptych of Chinese ink drawings on watercolor paper. Drawn outside by the ocean here on Oahu Hawaii. Used are inks, Hawaiian Sea Salt and graphite on 300 gsm watercolor paper. They are part of a Zen Buddhist series done in meditation. Thank you for your interest.




Its measurements are 24×24 inch (incl. mat and frame).


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Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 0.2 × 12 in


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