This is the first and second drawing of a new series of surreal portraits called
“head in the clouds and “light headed”. They are made with graphite powder, graphite stick and pencil on paper. Its dimensions are 35×57 inches.  I started these drawings with the outbreak of the pandemic in Hawaii (March 2020) and will continue with more variations of large heads on div bodies. These drawings are inspired by our mental overload, memories which often pile up and keep us from living in the present moment. Imbalances of mind and body, heart and soul, higher self and the material reality we create lead us down the wrong paths. We get lost.  By entering a meditative state often listening to specific music and sounds the process is some type of channeling and letting the hand do the inspired talking. I invite the viewer to find their own associations and inner images while looking at the details of the portrait. 

head in the clouds
light headed

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