In English, the term labyrinth is generally synonymous with maze. As a result of the long history of unicursal representation of the mythological Labyrinth, however, many contemporary scholars and enthusiasts observe a distinction between the two. In this specialized usage maze refers to a complex branching multicursal puzzle with choices of path and direction, while a unicursal labyrinth has only a single path to the center. A labyrinth in this sense has an unambiguous route to the center and back and presents no navigational challenge.

It is one of my favorite childhood games – getting lost in the forest.
Getting lost is still a great technique to find our center. Bright colors, all emotions pose as fantastic distractions or are they directional signs to point us in the right direction? This new series of small acrylic paintings on paper is made outside with the help of Hawaiian sunlight and an attempt to get lost in the process. It has elements of plants and earth (burned umber). They are 8,5 x10,5 inch – with mat its dimensions are 11×14 inch.

They are for sale. 140$ each (with mat) plus shipping. The whole series is 600$. Please contact me if you are interested.

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