6 earthly delights

Mohala i ka wai ka maka o ka pua – (Unfolded by the water are the faces of the flowers.)

The dark burned umber gives nurture to all these colors and plantlike structures. Its mixed media on watercolor paper 8’x11′ and available for sale either as original or numbered and signed art print. Get a little fertile Hawaiian piece. I ll ship directly to you.


This Painting is the starting point for our joint process. Kathy Chang and Anika Kuntze joint their creative forces to create “together” in 2017 when Anika first came to Hawaii. She sprayed the background and we worked over it with acrylic paint giving it the feel of street art as a tribute to the Berlin Wall. Kathy then added her kids on top, it seems like an autobiographical dreamwork. Mixed media and the size is 36’x48’inch
It is sold, but limited edition prints (up to 18’x24′) are still available for sale.
If you are interested in ordering one, please send me an email.

strange fruit

a new series of surreal small colored pencil drawings on paper. (11×14 inch with matt) They are part of a larger series called “strange fruit”. An approach to transform and fill the current energy going around with some love and compassion. Everything becomes a matter of perspective.

Slightly larger limited edition art prints are available (11x14inch, with 16x20inch mat). You can order them at “fishcake” in Honolulu or directly here. Just send me an email.

Thank you for your interest, enjoy ::anika:: 



The value of perseverance. To persist, to continue, to perpetuate. Never give up.

This series I started in the beginning of the year 2019. It is very humbling to spend time with the waves and power of the ocean. In winter the swell normally is high at the North Shore of Oahu and we are trying to get there as often as possible to “catch” some magnificent waves. These Photoprints are for sale.

dance of colors

A’a i ka hula, waiho i ka maka’u i ka hale – (Dare to dance, leave shame at home.)

This series of two mixed media paintings on watercolor paper is created similarly to the labyrinth series. Outside by the water in the Hawaiian sun. Its bursting with color and energy. Associations are always welcome. For me it feels like a play with vibrating shapes and forms, a little architecture and lots of earth. Enjoy

Mediums used is acrylic paint, oil pastel and dark india ink on paper
16″ x 20″ in size and available for sale.
220$ each piece (plus shipping) 400$ for both

Please contact me if you are interested.


In English, the term labyrinth is generally synonymous with maze. As a result of the long history of unicursal representation of the mythological Labyrinth, however, many contemporary scholars and enthusiasts observe a distinction between the two. In this specialized usage maze refers to a complex branching multicursal puzzle with choices of path and direction, while a unicursal labyrinth has only a single path to the center. A labyrinth in this sense has an unambiguous route to the center and back and presents no navigational challenge.

It is one of my favorite childhood games – getting lost in the forest.
Getting lost is still a great technique to find our center. Bright colors, all emotions pose as fantastic distractions or are they directional signs to point us in the right direction? This new series of small acrylic paintings on paper is made outside with the help of Hawaiian sunlight and an attempt to get lost in the process. It has elements of plants and earth (burned umber). They are 8,5 x10,5 inch – with mat its dimensions are 11×14 inch.

They are for sale. 140$ each (with mat) plus shipping. The whole series is 600$. Please contact me if you are interested.

boys and water

He kehau ho`oma`ema`e ke aloha – (Love is like a cleansing dew.)

This is a series I developed over the last three years. Boys and men in waves and water. Cleansing, healing, transforming. All pictures are taken in Hawaii and are available as prints up to 13×19 as numbered and limited art prints. Enjoy.

lava island

Printing to set the random red background for this mixed media drawing. (2018) It is inspired by the psychological inkblot, getting deeper into the minds of the maker and viewer of the piece.
Your associations are welcome. 

Mediums used is acrylic paint and dark india ink on paper
15,5″ x 22″ in size and available for sale. Some of the sizes are different than listed on the Cedar Gallery site plus my name is Anika Kuntze. If you are interested in this piece please contact me directly. Mahalo

lift off

Kulia i ka nu’u – (Strive to reach the highest.)

This seagull was taken in Alameda / San Francisco. For me it felt like the messenger to lift off and fly high, we can always leave any situation and strive for something more spacious, uplifting to get into our Joy.

Also that was the time when we moved Betty (now 94) to Hawaii.

The prints are available for sale, up to 13×19 inches.
Please contact me if you are interested.